First Stage Child Care Centres are committed to providing the highest quality early learning and care environment, and we have been doing so since 1981.

The dream of a child care program within a public secondary school was one that was shared by many people: Family Studies teachers, school administrators, consultants and program advisors. The aim was to provide a stimulating program for children and support parents seeking to continue their education.

1981 –      A child care program was proposed and presented to several                                             committees.

1985 –     A feasibility study was completed and the decision was to proceed with a                   non-profit designation and an independent Board of Directors.

1986 –     The trustees of the former Etobicoke Board of Education gave their                                 approval, and provided $95,000, to renovate West Humber Collegiate                             Institute facilitates. The Board also provided ongoing rent-free space.

1986 –     FSCCC was incorporated as a charitable organization and in September                       1986 was licensed under the Day Nurseries Act.

1988 –     A second Centre opened at Burnhamthorpe Collegiate Institute.

1995 –     A third Centre was opened at North Albion Collegiate Institute.

2010 –     A fourth Centre was opened at Highfield Junior School.